DWI Assessment information:

A NC DWI assessment is required of anyone convicted of a DWI/DUI in the state of NC. You cannot receive Limited Driving Privileges without a DWI assessment. The state-mandated cost of an assessment is $100 – no matter what agency you go to. The fee is to be collected at the time of the assessment. Please allow 90 minutes when you schedule your assessment appointment.

Items Needed for DWI Assessment:

Copy of your traffic citation

Assessment fee: $100 payable by cash at time of assessment

Your breathalyzer or BAC printout results or proof of your refusal

A copy of your lifetime driving record from any state in which you have ever been licensed. For NC, a noncertified copy can be ordered online for $10 at: http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/online/

A copy of your judgement from the Court, IF you have been convicted.

Your assessment is only good for 6 months. If you fail to start your classes or groups within those 6 months, the state of NC mandates that you must have another assessment and pay another assessment fee of $100.

Call (828) 475-1920 today to schedule your DWI assessment

Prevention Methods

Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS)

1 Month long and a total of 16 hours

Cost: $160

Treatment Methods

Short-term is 20 hour minimum

Long-term is 40 hour minimum