LEARN TO COPE is a support group for parents, family members, spouses, and caregivers with a loved one who is struggling with addiction to opiates, alcohol, or other drugs.

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

at Full Circle Recovery Center

3261 Georgia Road, Franklin, NC 28734

LTC offers compassionate, experienced facilitators who have been there, support, resources, educational material, and guest speakers who are in long term recovery or professionals in the field. Most of all  LTC offers HOPE for recovery!

“There is hope…you are not alone.”

Opiate Abuse Signs

Flu-like symptoms including diarrhea, cramping, vomiting

Itchy skin, picking at skin

Flushed skin, sweating, watery eyes

Runny nose, dark circles under eyes, tiny pupils

Weight loss, slurred speech, drowsiness/nodding off

Changes in Behavior

Loss of interest in their personal appearance and hygiene

Secretive phone calls or text messages

Mood swings: depression alternating with euphoria

Talking loudly or angry outbursts

Staying up all night / sleeping all day

Missing valuables and money

Lack of interest doing favorite activities or being around family and friends

Objects that may be clues

Q-Tip heads or sticks, cotton balls, small caps

Rolled dollar bill, empty pen stick, cigarette filter

Bent spoon, syringe, oxycontin (PERC 30S), heroin

One edge razor blade, empty pill bottle, belt w/ teeth marks

Bottle caps, tin foil w/ burn marks, little plastic bag, penny

Addiction can start when kids experiment with prescription drugs or are prescribed medications after an injury or surgery.

  1.  Get information about medications prescribed to your child and ask about potential risks for addiction
  2. Keep prescription drugs in a safe place
  3. Monitor the use of children’s prescriptions and yours
  4. Safely dispose of expired or unused medications. Contact you local police or health department to learn how.

If your loved one is using:

Get Educated about the disease of addiction

Find Treatment for your loved one. Call the Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline 1-800-327-5050.

Be Ready in case of an overdose. Get trained for rescue breathing, and on how to administer Narcan.

Get Support for you and your family.

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